Insurance Vendor Programs


ServiceMaster Restore® offers your insurance company nationwide preferred vendor programs designed to your standards. These programs include preferred service to your customers, agreed-upon pricing, and one toll free number to access our network of franchisees.

Satisfied Customers

With our insurance programs, the claims process takes just a few hours – not days. This quick mitigation response helps to lower the cost of claims and provides customers with fast, professional service.

Peace Of Mind

Anxious customers dealing with water or fire losses feel better knowing the right help is on the way, and that their lives will get back to normal as quickly as possible. ServiceMaster Restore® guarantees to answer calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our network of providers will begin emergency services on-site within two to four hours.

In everything we do, we pledge honesty, dependability and a job well done. Only by providing service excellence can we achieve our goals. If we remain true to our principles, we cannot be satisfied with “good enough.” We must always strive to provide our clients the highest in quality and value.

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Pre-Approved Residential Services

Water Loss

  • Loss Site Inspection & Evaluation
  • Water Damage Mitigation / Extraction
  • Initiate Drying Process
  • Life / Remove Wet & Damaged Carpet

Water Loss

  • Use Of Air Movers & Dehumidifiers
  • Dispose Of Wet Carpet Padding
  • Move & Inspect Furniture
  • Handle Mold In Areas Up To 10 Sq. Ft.

Fire Loss

  • Loss Site Inspection & Evaluation
  • Emergency Pre-Cleaning

    Limited to the pre-cleaning treatment of "at risk" surfaces such as metal, marble or any surface at risk of being etched from the corrosive gasses from the fire.

  • Pre-Authorized Water Procedures

    Report findings to the adjuster to determine what else may need to be done, such as pack-out service and/or contents cleaning.